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A&S Classroom AV - Report a Problem

Report an audio visual problem experienced in a an A&S classroom.

A&S Classroom Orientation / Consultation

Meet with with a Classroom Specialist from the ITC, Classroom Technology Services (Class Tech) team. Schedule an orientation to learn how to use the audio visual system in your central booked classroom. Or schedule a consultation to review the audio visual needs for a non-central booked classroom.

Admissions and Financial Aid General Request

General Request for Admissions and Financial Aid

Adobe CC Shared Device License

Request a Shared Device License for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Alumni Helpdesk

Dartmouth provides alumni and volunteers with help accessing online resources. The Alumni Help Desk will assist alumni with logging in and using the applications available to alumni.

Andes- Shared Memory Computer (SMP)

API Key Scope Approval/Assignment

Obtain approvals/assignment of requested scope

AV Catalog Question

Have more questions, but are not ready to submit the AV System Design and Installation form?

AV System Design and Installation

Information, Technology & Consulting's (ITC) Classroom Technology Services Group can assist you with audiovisual system design that will meet your teaching or business need.

AV System Repair and Upgrade

Information, Technology & Consulting's (ITC) Classroom Technology Services Group can evaluate and make simple repairs to systems in other spaces as well as assist you with audio visual design upgrade that will meet your teaching or business need.

Axiom Support Request

General Service Request for the Axiom Elite application platform


Banner: Access Request

Access to Banner Pages and Self-Service

Biomedical Informatics Help

Use this service to submit a Biomedical Informatics help ticket.

Biomedical Informatics Study Inquiry

Please use this form to enter any Biomedical Informatics Study Inquiries

Bulk Account Changes (Renewals) or Create Multiple New Accounts

Use this service if you need a change made to multiple accounts or need to request multiple accounts created


Call Centers and Dial Plans

ITC can provide a call center or dial plan to a department that would like automated call routing with multiple prompts and menus.

Campus Facilities Administrative Systems Request

Submit a ticket for any campus facilities and administrative systems issues or requests

Canvas: Request an Org Site

Departments request canvas access for doing administrative trainings

Canvas: Request General Support

Request General Canvas Support

Canvas: Request Guest Account for Canvas Access

Create a limited use account for Guest access to Canvas

Centers at Dartmouth

The following links are useful starting points for undergraduates to explore opportunities available to them.

Classroom Capture

Classroom capture is a service that enables you to capture and distribute a recording of your class meeting to your students through Canvas.

Classroom Capture - Echo360 Unarchive

Do you need access to your Echo360 Classroom Capture recordings? Submit a request to have your Echo360 recordings (that have been transferred to Panopto) to be unarchived.

Computer Assurance Program - CAP Request Form

The Computer Assurance Program (CAP) is an ITC program created to replace aging office computers with current, secure, high-performance desktop and laptop computers at a subsidized cost.

Computer Hardware Repair Intake

Use this service to request repairs, both for equipment drop-offs at the repair shop, and to request pickup/delivery services (pickup/delivery available for staff/faculty only).

Computer Store - Custom Quotes/Orders

Use this service for quote and order requests of equipment or configurations of equipment not available on the storefront.

Computer Store Online Orders

Order online today!

Conference Bridge

Host a conference call with up to one hundred attendees

Contact Institutional Policy Team

CrashPlan Desktop Backup and Restore

CrashPlan is an automated, continuous, cloud-based back up and data recovery service for desktop and laptop devices.

CS Technology Services

Use this to place a request for the CS Technology Services group. They work with Planon, Famis, Lenel, and other Campus Services systems.


Database Request

Request a new database (for MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server), a new database schema (Oracle), or an export/import of data.

Dean of Faculty Computer Equipment Program

Computer upgrade program for tenure/ tenure track Faculty.

Dell 7490 Maintenance Request

Departmental Equipment Request for Remote Work

This service is to request equipment needed to support critical business processes for a Department

Device Assurance Program

The Device Assurance Program (DAP) ensures that participating computers (Mac and Windows) are automatically kept up to date and protected against known and emerging security threats, and more easily and quickly serviced. DAP eliminates the hassles and worries associated with sorting through software and security updates and ensures that users taking advantage of the program are always up to date. All Dartmouth-owned computers are eligible for DAP.

Device Configuration

Device Configuration Services provides support to customers interested in utilizing ITC client computer configuration tools

Discovery Cluster

DocuSign Service Request

Request Service


Email Client Upgrade

Request for help with upgrading your email client (Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird, Android OS Mail clients, etc)

Event Recording

Video recording of campus events and public lectures.

Expiring Accounts on

Upon leaving Dartmouth, your account on will be scheduled for deletion. This service outlines your options. Required information is marked with a red asterisk (*).


Faculty Equipment Request for Remote Learning

FAQs and working with Research Computing

The research computing department is undergoing transformation to become the Research Information, Technology and Consulting organization. As part of the transformation, critical information will be directed to the new Dartmouth Services site.

Finance, Procurement, and PCard

Finance, Procurement, and PCard


GIS - Geographic Information Systems

We provide systems support for GIS Software and GIS related projects. Visit the GIS website.

GoPhish Assistance

Submit a ticket here if you have questions or issues in the GoPhish Tournament.  These will be routed to a team that can assist.


Dartmouth's default campus printing system for students

GreenPrint Refund Request

GreenPrint refund requests are allowed when there is an error or problem with your job in Greenprint, but not when you printed something that you didn't want.

GreenPrint Supplies Request

Request more paper or toner for a GreenPrint printer.


Human Resources and Payroll

Human Resources and Payroll


I don't have a Dartmouth account or can't sign in

Fill out a short form to request help or information when you don't have a Dartmouth account or can't sign in.

I Need Help With a Computer Problem

Request support for a computer problem

I need help with Panopto

Submit this Service Request if you need help accessing Panopto, or if you need assistance with using Panopto functionality.

I need to report a problem

Fill out a short form to request help with something that's not working for you. Sign-in required.

In-Class Academic Support

ITC, Classroom Technology Services (Class Tech) provides in-room audio visual support in central booked / non-central classrooms to assist the faculty with technical and logistical aspects of technology for A&S courses.

Incoming Student Computer Requirement Form

Install Application

Request help installing an application

Integration Consulting Service

Provide advice, consulting and development for middleware integration needs.

IRA (OBIEE): Data Warehouse

Institutional Reporting and Analysis (OBIEE), Data Warehouse

ITC Service Improvement

Feedback form to help us improve the services we deliver to the campus.


Journeys Platform

Dartmouth’s WordPress platform designed specifically for teaching, learning, and research.


Laptop Cart Rental

Use this service to request renting the laptop cart which includes up to twenty Windows laptops.

Laptop Rental

Rental Laptops are available for $10 per day.

Letters of Support

Granting agencies often seek institutional commitment to proposed research in grant applications. The Research ITC group facilitates this effort.

Life Science Informatics/Bioinformatics

Data management, computation and software for life sciences projects.

LinkedIn Learning Online Training

LinkedIn Learning provides online training options to supplement course work and skill sets for the Dartmouth community.


Merge or Leave the Dartmouth Dropbox Team

This service is for those Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff who have created Dropbox accounts using email accounts other than their Dartmouth primary email and wish to merge that with the Dartmouth Dropbox account.

Modern Authentication Deployment Feedback

This service is used if you are working through a deployment and providing feedback regarding your experience.

Modern Authentication for Improved Email Security

Use this Service to report an issue with Modern Authentication for Email.


Network Firewalls - Add

Add new services to the network firewalls

Network Firewalls - Modify

Modifications to the network firewalls

Network General Request

Use this form to submit a request for networking services.

New Computer Setup

Request a new computer setup.

New Employee Technology Orientation

Request a Dartmouth Technology Orientation for a new employee.


OBIEE: Object Access Request

Access to OBIEE objects not provided via the OnBase Forms

OnBase System Request

Request OnBase services

Online Training

Access Online Training Resources

Oracle Database Hosting Service

Database Services ensures that customer databases are protected and monitored by establishing backup and recovery procedures, providing a secure database environment, and monitoring database performance.

Order a New Printer

Multi-function devices or desktop printers are available to members of the Dartmouth community.

OurFiles Migration Survey

Fill out a form to indicate cloud choice for OurFiles data

Outgoing eFax

Use this service to request a fax number for your department to use to send outgoing faxes via email rather than needing a fax machine and analog phone line.


Parallel Programming

We help you convert sequential programs to run in parallel

Planon: Service Request

General Service Request for the Planon application platform

Polaris- Shared Memory Computer (SMP)

Printer IP Address Request

Request to move a printer from one portion of the network to another.

Printer Setup

Update your computer to add or remove a printer that is on the Dartmouth network.

Produce a video

Complete video production from planning, shooting, editing and distribution.

Purchase Your Computer When You Leave Dartmouth

Prepare your computer to be used when it no longer connects to Dartmouth's network



Welcome to RaDar, the centralized ordering system for shared resources. Please select the shared resource to view and purchase services and products offered by the resource


Applications include Grants, IRB, COI, HUB and CMR/eSirius.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Licensing and Updates

Subscribe your Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server or Workstation to the ITC Satellite Server to receive system updates.

Remote/Off-Campus Student Hardware Repair

Please use this service to submit a repair request if you are a student who is currently remote/off-campus.

Renew an expiring Account

Renew a sponsored, departmental, organizational or service account
Request sponsored continuation of account post leaving Dartmouth for actively doing work for the College for a limited time

Report a Problem or Request Assistance with your Phone

Telecommunication/Phone Issues

Report a Problem with VPN

If you are having a problem with VPN or GlobalProtect, please report the problem here.

Report an Infrastructure Problem

Report a problem with an application, database, server, or software infrastructure component

Report Zoom Bombing

Quickly report a Zoom Bombing incident.

Request a Mailing List

Request an Office 365 Distribution List or a Listserv List.

Office 365 Groups can be created on your own. See the instructions for how to create an Office 365 Group below:

Request a new Account

Request a sponsored, departmental, organizational or service account

Request a new Slack Workspace

As a Faculty member, you can create your Slack workspace directly from your Canvas course page!

Request a Shared Calendar

Room or resource calendar, Vacation or other shared calendar

Request Access to Student Org Account (COSO / Greek Life)

Authorized individuals may request access to their Dartmouth student organization account

Request for Consultation for Collaboration/File Storage Options

Work with ITC staff to determine the best tools for you to use to collaborate with others - both at Dartmouth and external. This includes file storage options, communications, and group collaboration tools.

Request Help with an Existing Website

If you need assistance with a current Web Services' supported-site, please fill out the associated form. This includes training requests and questions about website content, site structure, analytics, and accessibility.

Request Infrastructure

Request the creation/installation, reconfiguration, or general assistance for a new application, database, server, or software infrastructure component.

Request Learning Design and Technology Support

Request learning design and educational technology support consultation.

Request New API Or A Modification Of An Existing API

Request New API Or A Modification Of An Existing API

Request New Service Account for API

Use this form to request a service account for API integration.

Request or Update Phone or Voicemail

Request an add/move/change for your telephone, activation of a new voicemail account or reset voicemail password.

Request Software Licenses - Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Adobe products.

Request a license to install the full client version of Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Request Storage Quota Increase on

This form can be used to request a storage increase beyond the default 1GB quota for web hosting accounts on

Request Technology Training

If you need training on a standard application, ITC can provide hands-on training.

Request/Remove Access

Request Access or removal of access to Dartmouth Services that are restricted

Research Computing Bill of Rights

Researchers at Dartmouth are entitled to access a foundation of computational resources at no cost.

Research Computing Mailing list

Stay current with news and announcements by subscribing to various news-lists of interest.

Research Return-to-Work Account (NetID)

DHMC Employees working in Dartmouth labs will need a NetID to access Research Return-to-Work web forms and applications.

Restore Request

Request data restoration

Return to Campus Technology Support Appointment

Schedule on-site technology support for your department while moving back into offices.

Risk and Compliance Assessment

Request a Risk or Compliance Assessment


Server Request

Systems Infrastructure and Networking will provide service for designing, provisioning, hosting and administration of physical, virtual, and AWS cloud server infrastructure.

Set Up Access to Printer Address Book

Set up access to a department printer address book.

SharePoint System request

Request Service

Single Sign-on Integration

Integrate an application with Dartmouth SAML provider.

Slack Workspace Migration Request

This service is for the purpose of requesting that a Slack workspace owned by a Dartmouth faculty or staff member be migrated to the Dartmouth Slack Enterprise Grid.

Software for Research

Software available for Researchers

Static IP

Request new static IP addresses or modify existing records


Statistical consultancy

Storage Request

Storage offerings including block, NFS, and SMB storage protocols.

Student - Request Tech Support

Dartmouth Students submit a request for technology help here

Student and Faculty Administrative Systems Request

Submit a ticket for any student and faculty administrative systems issues or requests

Submit a Ticket


Technology for Business Meetings and Campus Events

ITC, Classroom Technology Services (Class Tech) offer self-serve, staff assisted, or fully staffed technology services for business meetings and campus events.


Research Computing helps you learn how to use research software and systems through our live training sessions and online classes.

Transitioning off Internet Explorer Questionnaire

Get information about which applications have dependencies on IE and what users are still using IE. We need to let them know that they should move to a different browser.
For more information see

Tuck IT Order Form

Order form for use by Tuck IT


Unlock OnBase Document

Use this service to request an unlock of a web form that uploads to OnBase

Upgrade Application

Upgrade application to the latest version.


Video recording and live event streaming

Video recording of campus events, public lectures and performances.

VPN Access

Connect to the Dartmouth network via VPN


Website or Hosting Requests

Website and hosting requests for administrative offices, academic departments, centers, institutes, programs, faculty, and students.

When you are unable to find a service you need, yet related to research...

Please send an email to or call (603) 646-8936. Someone from the department will respond promptly and help you.

Windows 7 Upgrade

Self report your Windows 7 computer to get help from ITC on your options going forward.

Wired Network

Hardwired network connections in residence halls, offices, or other locations.

Wireless Network

Wireless access from personal and campus owned devices, for faculty, staff, students, and guests.


Learn more about the do-it-yourself web publishing platform for Dartmouth faculty, students, and staff.

WWW Expiring Accounts

Your account is scheduled for deletion. This service allows you to exercise your options. Required information is marked with a red asterisk (*).

WWW Migrating Accounts

Your web site requires migration or deletion. This service allows you to exercise your options. Required information is marked with a red asterisk (*).
You may enter up to 2 sites to be migrated on this form. If you have more than 2 sites to migrate, please complete additional requests.


Xfinity Streaming TV

XFINITY On Campus (XOC) is an IPTV service from Comcast delivered to laptops, tablets and smartphones through the Dartmouth network.


Zoom On-campus Training

Use this service to request on-campus Zoom training for your department or in your assigned classroom.

Zoom Skills for Remote Class Meetings

Obtain skills using Zoom for your remote class meetings. Click on this service to learn more.

Zoom Webinar License Request

Zoom Webinar is used for web-based meetings with view-only attendees (not interactive) with queued Q&A submissions. Dartmouth has a variety of webinar sizes (attendees) available: 100, 500, *1,000, *3,000, *5,000, *10,000. (*Very limited quantities).
For more about Zoom Webinars and Large Meetings: