Wireless Network

Dartmouth provides wireless access to the Dartmouth network. Dartmouth’s wireless system provides support for 802.11 a/g/n wireless standards. There are two main SSIDs: eduroam and Dartmouth Public.

eduroam SSID: Provides encrypted wireless access to protect against data and identity theft. Dartmouth subscribes to the Educause eduroam system. eduroam is a secure worldwide-federated network access service developed for the international research and education community. This is the recommended wireless network.

To access the eduroam network, you need to configure your computer. You only need to do this configuration once - unless your user name and/or password changes. 

Dartmouth Public SSID: Provides un-encrypted access to the Internet for visitors to Dartmouth College. No registration required. 

Available To:

  • eduroam: Faculty, staff, and students with a valid Dartmouth College account. Any visiting faculty, staff, or student whose parent institution is also a member of the eduroam service.
  • Dartmouth Public: Alumni and anyone visiting the Dartmouth College campus.

Information needed to troubleshoot:

  • Specific date/time of issue 
  • Location (Building and room number)
  • NetID of impacted user
  • WiFi MAC Address of affected device(s) 
  • Make, Model, and Operating System of device 
  • Issue encountered (unable to connect, connects but cannot get to sites, connection drops while roaming, slow download speeds, error message received, etc.)
  • WiFi Network/SSID (eduroam, Dartmouth Public, other)
  • Were you connected to VPN at the time of the issue? (yes/no)