Request Additional GreenPrint Funds

For students that exceed the initial $75 GreenPrint fund allotment, a request for additional funds can be made. This request is good for an additional $50 of GreenPrint funds but is subject to rejection based on the ITC department’s discretion. Our decision is contingent upon the nature of documents being printed, if the documents are printed primarily at color stations as opposed to black & white stations, as well as the volume of funds used within a window of time.

Please be aware that GreenPrint funds should be explicitly reserved for specific academic purposes only. Consider what you are printing; course material such as reading assignments, written work, or course syllabi are all excellent examples of appropriate jobs. Examples of jobs that are less than appropriate are posters or fliers for campus events, newsletters, political pamphlets, decorations for dorm rooms, or graphically designed paper airplanes. That being said, please also be aware how you’re printing; $75 in GreenPrint funds is equivalent to 1,250 single-sided black & white pages or 937 double-sided black & white pages. Printing double-sided effectively gives the user more available print surface while decreasing the amount of paper used.

At Dartmouth we are actively attempting to decrease our net carbon footprint. Apart of this initiative is looking into our printing practices and ensuring we are using this service responsibly. Please consider printing at black & white stations as well as printing double-sided as much as possible.

Please submit the attached form to request additional funds.

Available to:

  • GreenPrint eligible Students & Faculty
Request additional GreenPrint funds


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