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Dartmouth Services Portal

Information about using the Dartmouth Services Portal

ITC Event Notices

Information about upcoming changes and events


Members of the Dartmouth community are expected to abide by College policies in their use of computing and information technology resources.

This section contains articles regarding the rules and guidelines for acceptable use administered by Dartmouth Information, Technology and Consulting, as well as other College departments.

New to Dartmouth

Information for students, faculty and staff who are new to Dartmouth.

Leaving Dartmouth

Information for students, faculty and staff who are leaving Dartmouth.

Accounts and Access

Accounts, Duo, Web Authentication, Access to Systems, Passwords, NetIDs

Communication and Collaboration

Email, Calendars, Video Conferencing, File Sharing, O365, Google, Phones, TV

Computer, Device and Printing Support

How do I, How can I, Help Sources


DartFS, Surveys, High Performance Computing, Support for Researchers, CCMR and IACUC


Spam, Phishing, Data Integrity, Compliance

Teaching, Learning and Classrooms

Canvas, Classrooms, Learning Designers

Wifi and Network

Wired, Wireless network

Administrative and Reporting Systems

Oracle EBS, Banner, DartHub, Financials, Procurement, CS Gold, OnBase, IRA