Device Assurance Program

Hassle-Free Computer Maintenance and Support

The ITC Device Assurance Program (DAP) is a managed service offering for Mac and Windows computers which proactively supports the entire lifecycle of your computer including configuring device settings, installing and maintaining software, and responding to security threats.  Leveraging software installed on your device, DAP will simplify maintaining the technical side of your technology and reduce your calls (and your time) for support.

The underlying technologies for the program are SCCM (Windows) and Jamf (Mac). Both tools provide inventory information, software distribution channels, and security compliance, and offer virtually identical benefits to users taking advantage of the program.

Available To:

  • Faculty, Dartmouth-owned computers
  • Staff, Dartmouth-owned computers

Note: Members of the Thayer and Tuck community should consult with their IT support staff prior to joining the DAP program.

Benefits and Key Features:

  • Reliability: Your device will quickly receive software updates and patches with little to no interaction on your part.
  • Time Efficiency: You will stay more productive as deployment and updating processes run in the background, freeing up more time for teaching and research.
  • Flexibility: You can choose when and where to install new software or run maintenance on your device through Self-service portals.
  • Security: IT Technicians will manage the security of your computer, so you don't have to. You can rest assured that software patches, antivirus protection, and firewalls are well maintained.
  • Confidentiality: Your data and files will remain confidential; no personal data is scanned, indexed, or transmitted off your device. ITC servers also keep full audit logs of any actions performed by technicians.
  • Compliance: Your device will always be in compliance with federal laws governing requirements for research or student data on College computers.


DAP gathers basic hardware information (such as type of CPU, type of video card, size of hard drive, etc.); which OS and system patches are installed; and a list of all installed software (as would appear in the list of installed software displayed in the Microsoft Windows Control Panel).

DAP does not have a built-in feature that allows access to any data files on the machine, including email or web browsing history.  All employees and students of Dartmouth are expected to respect privacy, but IT staff have a particular responsibility to respect users' privacy because of their access to computer systems. Users should be aware that on occasion duly authorized ITC personnel have authority to access sensitive data in the process of performing repair or maintenance of computing equipment the College deems is reasonably necessary. ITC personnel performing repair or maintenance of computing equipment are prohibited from exceeding their authority of access for repair and maintenance purposes or from making any use of individual user files or data for any purpose other than repair or maintenance services performed by them.

For more information regarding Dartmouth Privacy Policies please see the following:

Dartmouth Privacy Policy

Dartmouth Information Technology Policy


All institutionally owned computers will be enrolled into this program automatically.  However, manually enrolling into the DAP program is easy and also designed to be a self service process.  Simply follow the directions provided in the following Apple and Windows knowledgebase articles.

Enrolling Your Apple Computer Into DAP

Enrolling Your Windows Computer Into DAP

Opting Out of DAP:

Participation in the DAP program is highly recommended to ensure your device technology experience at Dartmouth is productive and reliable.  However, if feel that DAP is not a good fit for you please open a support ticket regarding DAP and an ITC staff member will assist.  Please note that all members of the CAP (aka Standards) computer replacement program are required to be enrolled into this program.  Staff members must gain approval from their department heads prior to submitting the request.