Request a new Sponsored, Departmental, Organizational or Service Account

There are 4 account types that can be requested.

  • Sponsored account - this is an account for a person who needs to access a Dartmouth system or is doing work for the college but is not staff, student, faculty or alumni.
    *Some software and services are not available to Sponsored accounts. Sponsored accounts are not issued a Library patron account by default.  Geisel Sponsored account requests follow a different process, documented here, and should not use this service.  
  • Departmental account - this is a non-person account for the purpose of departmental communications
  • Organizational account - this is a non-person account for student organizations
  • Service account - this is a non-person account used for systems


Available to:

  • Sponsored accounts are available to:
    • Volunteers actively working to fulfill the mission of the college
    • Dartmouth vendors sponsored by a Dartmouth employee who need an account to access their system
    • Staff employed by an outside agency and not paid by the college
  • Departmental accounts are available to college-defined departments
  • Organizational accounts are available to college-recognized organizations
  • Service accounts are available to administrators of systems that require a Dartmouth account for its operations.

Request Requirements

  • You must be an active faculty or staff member to request one of these accounts.
  • Account request must be approved by appropriate Dartmouth staff, faculty or departmental director.
  • Click Request Account on the right to submit the form, taking care to select the correct account type you're requesting once the form is displayed. You are prompted for the data required for each account type based upon the selected account type. 
  • The account name must not be an acronym, however, you can create an "email alias name using the acronym"