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  • Click the Request Workspace button to the right and fill out our form.  We'll be in touch with any questions. Thanks, see you on the Grid!


  • Workspace requests are available to Faculty and Staff. If you are a student, TA, or class admin and need a new workspace, please contact your course professor to ensure they can manage and administer the workspace for that course.
  • Alternatively, you may also create a private DM or private channel within a course workspace or the Dartmouth College Community workspace.
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Sun 2/23/20 10:17 PM
Tue 12/20/22 2:48 PM

Service Offerings (2)

Request a new Slack Workspace
As a Faculty member, you can create a Slack workspace for your course directly from your Canvas course page!
Archive a Slack workspace
Workspace Owners and Admins can request to have their workspace archived when they no longer need to use it.