Request a Slack Workspace on the Dartmouth Grid

Submit this request to have a new workspace created on the Dartmouth Grid.

1) As a Faculty member, you can create your Slack workspace directly from your Canvas course page! Follow instructions here to create your course workspace from Canvas.

2) If you are Faculty and do not have experience with Slack, it is recommended that you use Canvas Discussion Board.  If you have questions about this recommendation, please contact

Available to:

  • Currently workspace requests are only available to Faculty and Staff. If you are a student, TA, or class admin and wish to request a workspace, please contact your course professor to ensure they can manage and administer the workspace for that course. You may also create a private DM or private channel within your course workspace or the Dartmouth College Community workspace if you require it for projects or coursework.
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Sun 2/23/20 10:17 PM
Fri 3/26/21 8:29 AM