Slack Migration Request

A Few Things to Note Prior to Migration

  • Slack recommends that you download the Slack desktop application to avoid any login issues with CAS/SSO. Visit to download the app.
  • Migrations generally take about 15 minutes per workspace, but can take up to an hour or longer to complete. Please be prepared for access disruption during a workspace migration.
    • Logging in via SSO - Users will be automatically redirected to the Dartmouth Slack Enterprise Grid domain to login via SSO (Duo). Upon login, you will be redirected back to your workspace(s). For those workspaces not on Grid, you will continue logging into them with your username and password.
  • After migrations are completed, smoke tests will be performed to ensure critical channels, app integrations, and content are migrated as expected.
  • Membership must remain consistent across the Grid. If you are a guest in more than one workspace inside The Dartmouth Grid, you will become a member of the Grid to avoid membership conflicts. If you should NOT be a member of the Dartmouth Grid (i.e. you belong to an outside organization and should remain a guest), please work with your workspace owner to discuss your membership and a future invitation to the workspaces you belong to.

Okay, I'm ready to migrate my workspace!

  • Click the Request Button to the right and fill out our form.  We'll be in touch to schedule the migration. Thanks, see you on the Grid.

Available to:

  • Currently this is only available to Faculty and Staff.
Request Migration

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