Slack Workspace Migration Request

Migrating your workspace

  • Request a migration before one of the dates listed below. We will reach out to Slack on the dates listed below to begin the next batch of migrations.
  • Next migration dates:
    • 11/27
    • 3/18
    • 6/10

Important Information about Your Migration

Click to learn about the migration process.

  • You are requesting to migrate your workspace to our Slack Enterprise Grid(
  • ITC works with Slack to complete these migrations. The migration process starts at the date listed above but can take up to a month to complete. 
  • You may be responsible to update the members in your workspace to ensure a smooth migration. Please ensure you have admin access to the workspace
  • Membership must remain consistent across the Dartmouth Grid.
    • Dartmouth members - Prior to migration, Dartmouth members should update their email address to their Dartmouth email.
      • Members will log in using the button: Sign in with Dartmouth SSO (Duo).
    • Non-Dartmouth members - Non-Dartmouth members will become 'guests' in the Dartmouth grid.
      • Guests will log in using the button: I have a guest account.
  • Migrations generally take less than 30 minutes per workspace, but can take an hour or longer to complete.
  • Please be prepared for access disruption during a workspace migration.
  • After your migration is complete, ensure critical channels, app integrations, and content were migrated as expected.


Available to:

  • Faculty and Staff
Request Migration

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