Slack Workspace Migration Request

Migration Schedule

  • Here is the upcoming migration schedule:
    • 12/2/2022
    • 3/6/2023
    • 6/1/2023
    • 9/7/2023
    • 12/14/2023

Okay, I'm ready to schedule my workspace migration

  • Click the Request Migration button to the right and fill out our form. We'll be in touch to schedule the migration. Please note that it can take time to prepare your workspace for migration and we ask that you submit these requests at least 3 weeks in advance. Thanks, see you on the Grid!

Important Information about Your Migration

  • You are requesting to migrate your workspace to our Slack Enterprise Grid(
  • Membership must remain consistent across the Dartmouth Grid.
    • Dartmouth members - Prior to migration, Dartmouth members should update their email address to their Dartmouth email.
      • Members will log in using the button: Sign in with Dartmouth SSO (Duo).
    • Non-Dartmouth members - Non-Dartmouth members will become 'guests' in the Dartmouth grid.
      • Guests will log in using the button: I have a guest account.
  • Migrations generally take less than 30 minutes per workspace, but can take an hour or longer to complete.
  • Please be prepared for access disruption during a workspace migration.
  • After your migration is complete, ensure critical channels, app integrations, and content were migrated as expected.


Available to:

  • Faculty and Staff
Request Migration

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