*If a print job failed but you were still charged, please submit a GreenPrint Refund Request

Dartmouth provides students with a group of printers (known as GreenPrint), located at various locations around campus. With a valid Dartmouth NetID, you can send print jobs to the “GreenPrint” queue then walk up to any Greenprint printer on campus and print your work at the printer in front of you. Guest users can purchase GreenPrint Guest cards in the Libraries and print with the username and password on those cards.

Things to remember when printing to a GreenPrint station include:

  • If the blue light on the printer is flashing, be patient. Your document will print, but documents other than text could take much longer to print.
  • PDF and Powerpoint documents can take anywhere from 30-60 seconds to print per page!
  • Do not push the buttons or try to change the settings on the printer.
  • Once the Blue light finishes blinking, the White light above the blue light will blink - indicating the job will actually begin printing.


  • The GreenPrint-PC software must be installed and configured on your computer before you can print to the GreenPrint printers.
  • Your computer must be connected to the Dartmouth ethernet network, Eduroam wireless network, or Dartmouth VPN.


  • Dartmouth provides an allocation of free, black and white printing each term. The current per term quota for Arts & Sciences Undergraduate students is $75 for printing on GreenPrint printers.

Rates for GreenPrint printing are as follows:

  • Black and white, single-sided printing: $0.06 per page.
  • Black and white, double-sided printing: $0.085 per page.
  • Color printing: $0.49 per page.
  • Color, double-sided printing: $0.89

Available to:

  • Dartmouth Students. 
  • Dartmouth Faculty (only by request and exception not guaranteed). 
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