Employee Work Data - Supervisor Requests

This service is a request for access to employee work data as it relates to legitimate institutional needs. Dartmouth employees retain an active account and access to Dartmouth systems for 30 days after their last day of employment.

Supervisors should work with departing staff prior to their absence or departure:

  • Ensure all electronic files are in shared departmental storage.
  • An email auto-reply (out-of-office) message has been set by the employee.

Request for access to employee work data must be for legitimate institutional need as described in the Access to User-Related Electronic Information at Dartmouth.

Requesting Access to Employee Work Data

All requests for access to other employees’ work data (including former employees) should be directed to the appropriate party to authorize access. We do not grant access based solely on a manager’s request.

  • Dartmouth employee:
    • Dartmouth's Chief Human Resources Officer, or their designee, shall authorize access based on "Policies and Operational Circumstances," as described in Section 5. 

What you'll need to provide

  • A short description of the legitimate institutional need for accessing this data.
  • A description of the specific data that needs to be accessed (file names, file types, etc.).
  • Where the data is currently stored.
  • The department storage location where the data should be moved.

HR will review access requests and follow up with ITC so we can assist. You will be given a maximum of 2 weeks to migrate data. Please note, data in some systems may not be available for recovery.

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