Departmental Reopening Planning Questionnaire

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  • The questionnaire is ONLY for Hanover and Lebanon locations (not including DHMC).  For other locations please contact your Divisional Leadership.
  • If you are already working onsite, you only need to fill out the questionnaire if your occupancy or hours have changed.
  • DOES NOT APPLY for Research – no submission required.

In order to assure a safe and healthy working space for returning employees and visitors, Campus Services needs information about occupancy and usage of your space. This will help us prepare your space for your return and determine staffing and cleaning levels for buildings in accordance with the State of New Hampshire, CDC and Dartmouth guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Please submit one form per department. If there are groups within the department with significant differences in location, occupancy or schedule, submit one form for each of those groups.
  • Make sure to add contacts from those groups who will be familiar with the location schedule and occupancy.
  • After submission, you will receive an email notification from which you can communicate regarding the submission.
  • A consultation will be scheduled within 5 business days to review and update the information, unless you are submitting a plan for a future reopening level.
All employees returning to campus must review the following EHS video on Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Best Practices for Office Areas.

Information needed to complete the questionnaire

  • Divisional Approval
  • Reopening level
  • Business rationale for returning to campus considering current reopening level and its restrictions (see chart below for guidance)
  • Submitter. department, and location information
  • Plans for shared areas and equipment
  • Occupancy numbers - normal, peak, off-hours, and daily totals
  • Occupancy schedules
  • Additional space requirements
    • Customer service counters
    • Furniture moves
    • Air conditioning
    • Key/access requests
  • Additional training needs
  • COVID-19 supplies

Reopening Levels

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