VPN Access

Dartmouth’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that makes secure remote access to the Dartmouth network possible by using a point-to-point connection with "tunneling" protocols that keep the connection private and secure.

Available to:

Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students

Benefits and features

With the Dartmouth VPN, faculty, staff, and students can access network resources from any computer that has an active connection to the Internet. It requires installation of the GlobalProtect client . This software can be installed on any computer to provide a more robust connection that mimics an ”on-campus” network experience.


A valid Dartmouth account and an active connection to the Internet or Dartmouth Network. Review our step by step articles on how to install the VPN: https://services.dartmouth.edu/TDClient/1806/Portal/KB/?CategoryID=13404

Legal Concerns

Please be aware when traveling outside of the United States that each country has its own laws governing the use of VPNs. Please consult the following guide before traveling so that you are aware of the legal issues. https://www.comparitech.com/vpn/where-are-vpns-legal-banned

Install the VPN


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