Renew an expiring Account

Account sponsors and owners can request to have the account they are responsible for renewed for an additional year, as needed.

Please note: Members of a professional school must email their respective Help Desk instead of completing this form.


  • Dartmouth Sponsored, Departmental, and Organizational accounts
    • are set to expire annually.
  • Dartmouth Service accounts
    • may have an expiration of up to three years if the needs of the system requires a longer than annual expiration.
  • Research accounts
    • may have an expiration of up to three years corresponding to the length of the research grant.
  • Bulk Renewals
    • ​​​​For accounts that are part of a larger list of accounts that are all renewed at the same time (i.e. Advancement, COSO, Greek Life, etc.)
    • Please check with your department administrator about the status of the account renewals.

Expiration notice
All accounts will receive a notification, sent to the account and the account approver 30 days prior to the date set to expire as a reminder of the upcoming expiration.

Available to:

  • Dartmouth faculty and staff
Request Renewal


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