Expiring Accounts on host.dartmouth.edu

This page is for students, faculty, and staff who are leaving Dartmouth and have website accounts on host.dartmouth.edu. Accounts on host.dartmouth.edu are reserved for active students, faculty and staff. Your site will expire 60 days after you leave Dartmouth. If you do not need to keep your site, no further action is required as your account will be automatically deleted. If you would like to keep your site, you can transfer your domain to Reclaim Hosting. If the site is used by a group, such as student organizations or research groups, you can request to have ownership of the site transferred to a current Dartmouth student, staff, or faculty member.

  • To transfer your site to Reclaim Hosting (preferred):
    • Please follow this link to submit a transfer request.
    • Select the Register a New Domain option and select a new top-level domain, then complete the sign-up process. Any questions can be emailed to support@reclaimhosting.com.
  • To keep your account by transferring ownership to another Dartmouth community member:
    • Please provide an explanation of why you believe this site should remain on host.dartmouth.edu. Possible reasons for this include but are not limited to:
      • You are still a current Dartmouth student, faculty or staff member
      • The site was created for a currently active organization
      • The site was created for an academic or administrative department
      • The site was created for a faculty member
      • Please include a contact at Dartmouth who will take ownership of this account.
    • If it is determined that this account will remain on Dartmouth’s servers, we will work with the contact that you provide to transfer ownership.

If you would like to have ownership of your site transferred to someone else, please click on the “Request Service” button on this page to open a ticket to let us know how to proceed. 

Request Service


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