Requesting Departmental eFax

Dartmouth's phone system allows creation of telephone numbers which can be used to send and/or receive faxes via email.

For outgoing faxes, You would compose an email with "<FaxNumber>" in the To line of the email message, where FaxNumber would be the number of the fax that you're sending to. The Subject line of the email would have an access code for the specific eFax number set up for your department. You attach the document you want to send, and leave the body of the email message empty.  

For incoming faxes, a departmental email address is specified when the eFax number is set up. Any faxes sent to your department's fax number would automatically be converted to a PDF and sent to your department's email address.

Available to:

Faculty and staff

Request Dept Fax #


Service ID: 40263
Wed 10/30/19 9:03 AM
Tue 3/26/24 8:10 AM