ITC Rapid Review

What is the ITC Rapid Review?

The ITC Rapid Review is a collaboration with our clients providing expert technical and service perspectives to problem solving by rapidly responding to their technology needs and helping them make the best technology decisions for their department and Dartmouth.

What services could the ITC Rapid Review provide?

  • Provide expertise in selecting and purchasing a solution
    • RFX resources
    • Partner in purchasing and taking on the service
  • Streamline the procurement process by rapidly engaging the necessary teams for solution review including:
    • Procurement
    • Information Security
    • ITC Tech Review
    • Records Management
    • IDE/Accessibility
  • Offer an existing solution or workaround
  • Build a solution
  • Build an integration
  • Help on-board a solution you purchase
    • Dartmouth Authentication setup
    • Person data feed
    • Integration
  • Assist with project management
  • Provide assistance with budget requests
  • Engage in a project
    • With one or more IT teams
    • With client department and others
  • Help with navigating ITC


  • Start a research or scholarly project with a technology component
  • Provide grant writing support: technology, budget, data plan
  • Help with execution on a funded project
  • Provide support of unfunded initiatives

When should I request an ITC Rapid Review?

  • Before you procure!!!!!
  • When you start looking at solutions for solving a problem with technology.
  • When you are thinking about budgeting for solutions for solving a problem with technology.
  • OR the minute you start thinking you have a problem that you would like to solve with technology.

The more lead time you give us, the more we are able to help, and the better we do for Dartmouth.

How does the ITC Rapid Review work?

  • Submit the form to the right with as much detail about what problem you'd like to solve, what technology solution you are considering, etc.
  • We set up a 45 minute ideation session with ITC colleagues from appropriate teams to talk about your problem proposition.
  • We follow up with a plan for if, when, and how we can partner.


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