Research Computing Bill of Rights

Informed by the findings  of the 2013 Subcommittee of the Council on Computing and the 2015 HPC Taskforce, Research Computing, working with colleagues in Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) is pleased to announce the new Dartmouth Research Computing (RC) Bill of Rights (RC-BoR).

The Dartmouth RC-BoR provides the research community a foundation of computational resources. We make it easy to expand offerings as your needs grow beyond the standard RC-BoR offering.

The current Bill of Rights includes:

  • access to the Research Computing (RC) team, with expertise in High Performance Computing (HPC), GIS, data visualization, statistical analysis, software development and more
  • access to HPC resources (DiscoveryAndes, and Polaris)
  • DartFS: personal and shared data storage spaces available to HPC and desktop environments

The RC-BoR is continuously evolving to meet the growing needs of our research community

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