Canvas: Request Guest Account for Canvas Access

In instances where a faculty member would like to invite or approve someone outside of the Dartmouth community to participate in their class, and needs that person to have access to their Canvas website, they will need to request a "Guest Account".

Examples of whom these types of people are include:

  • a colleague from another institution who will be a guest lecturer,

  • someone who the faculty member has agreed to allow to audit the class,

  • or a student in a community (not credit granting) course.

Friends and family members of Dartmouth employees and students are not eligible for guest accounts, unless they are actively engaged in a Canvas course.

Canvas guest accounts do not

  • have a Dartmouth email box associated with them
  • allow access to systems or services that require a VPN connection.

Important Notes:

  • Canvas guest accounts are set up to provide users with a NetID and password needed to log into Canvas.
  • Email sent from Canvas to these accounts will automatically be forwarded to the non-Dartmouth email account specified when the guest account is set up.
  • Guest accounts will automatically expire after 16 weeks.

A Dartmouth guest account controls access to some Dartmouth resources, ranging from Library resources to networking resources to IT support resources. Only those people who are actually engaged in a Dartmouth class should be granted an account. If accounts are granted inappropriately, the services that should be provided to those who are pursuing the mission of Dartmouth could be delayed.

When creating a guest account, it is important to be sure to enter the guest's full name so that if they were here previously or return later as a student, employee or guest in the future, the pre-existing account will be reactivated and avoid future account duplication.

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