Classroom Capture

Echo360 is a classroom capture service that enables you to capture and distribute a recording of your class to your students through Canvas. The recording is scheduled ahead of time and allows you to record a video of the white board and content sent to the projector.


The Benefits of Class Recording/Capturing

The main benefit of lecture recording or screen capture is vastly improved content access for students. Students can review lecture content whenever they choose: they can correct their notes, skip over familiar content, and review confusing sections multiple times. Knowing that a lecture recording will be made available has been shown to greatly reduce student anxiety during class, especially in content-heavy courses.


What do I need to do to get started

  1. Be assigned to a classroom with Echo360 (please work with your department and the registrar for assignment).
  2. Submit an Echo360 Request.
  3. Meet with a Class Tech for a consultation (Request Orientation) on how to use the classroom camera and recording controls on the touch panel in the room or view a quick video overview.
  4. To learn more go to .
  5. Consult with an Instructional Designer or Educational Technologist on how to get the most out of your recordings

Locations available:

  • Fairchild Hall 101
  • Life Science Center 100 (Oopik Auditorium), 105, 200, 201 and 205
  • Moore Hall B03, B13 (Filene Auditorium)
  • Steele Hall 006, 007
  • Wilder 104, 111

Available to:

  • Faculty

Echo360 Request


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