Request a Dropbox Team Folder

Who can use this service

  • Active students, faculty, or staff

How the request will work

  • A support specialist from the ITC Service Desk will contact you for clarification if necessary, and will otherwise create the team folder and notify you when it is ready.

Information about using Dartmouth's Dropbox Account

  • Accounts must be registered using a Dartmouth primary email (typically:, no aliases or private email accounts.
  • Dartmouth authentication with Duo will be used to sign into Dropbox once the team folder is created.
  • Team folders can only be created by Dartmouth Dropbox administrative accounts.

Dartmouth's Dropbox URL


ITC Staff Only

INTERNAL Service Support Page -  Dropbox Service Support Page.

Request Team Folder


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Tue 12/5/23 10:21 AM
Wed 12/6/23 1:25 PM