OBIEE: Object Access Request

Getting Access

Access to IRA will vary greatly, depending on the business area, users roles and responsibilities and the specific object access required. To request access to IRA a supervisor must submit the appropriate Access Request forms (typically the OnBase request forms) for further processing.

This online access request form is only to be used by Key Partners when requesting access to IRA objects not provided via the OnBase request form and that are not granted by Financial System Access or Human Resources.

Use this service to:

  • Request Access to IRA: Please provide user's NETID, name and the report/object access needed.

Note: Access to the data presented in the report will depend on the confidentiality of the data and your business need for that data.

Click the ​​ OBIEE Access button and provide details for any of the above requests.

Available to:

  • Key Partners
OBIEE Access


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