Staff/Faculty Computer Hardware Repair Pickup

Repair Pickup/Delivery services:

  • Available for staff/faculty only.
  • Equipment must be college/department owned.
  • Location must be a college office, no residential locations.
    • Service includes off-campus college offices in surrounding area, including DHMC (currently suspended), DCCC and Centerra.
  • Pickups and Deliveries are conducted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during business hours.
    • Pickup requests after noon on Monday/Wednesday/Friday may not be performed until the next pickup/delivery day.
  • Delivery requires signature of a staff/faculty member, equipment will not be left unattended.
    • Consider listing alternate locations to deliver to if primary location is not always staffed, to improve chances of successful delivery.
  • No additional charge for pickup/delivery service.
Hardware Repair Pickup


Mon 11/12/18 3:56 PM
Fri 3/27/20 12:25 PM