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How-to and self-help information for computers, mobile devices, and printers.

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Using the macOS (Apple) Operating System as well as common troubleshooting.


Information about the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.

Assurance Programs - CAP and DAP

Device Assurance Program (DAP) is a managed service offering for Mac and Windows computers which proactively supports the entire lifecycle of your computer including configuring device settings, installing and maintaining software, and responding to security threats.

Computer Assurance Program (CAP) was implemented in fiscal year 2002-2003 (at that time called the "Standards program") to provide a stable work environment for departments. It is managed by Dartmouth's Computer Store.

GreenPrint for Students

GreenPrint is Dartmouth's printing system for students and includes 25 printers located around campus.

Printing General

Copying, Printing, and scanning on common printers on campus

Backup & Storage

Articles about backing up your device, using cloud storage, using collaboration tools.

Printing for Faculty and Staff

Information about Konica Minolta office printers used by Dartmouth departments.

Email & Calendar

Accessing Dartmouth email - Outlook, Gmail, Mobile, Apple Mail. Signing into email on your device. Troubleshooting common problems.


Physical components of your computer, device, or peripheral.

Client Technology Consulting

Learn about the ITC Client Technology Consulting and our services.

Articles (9)

Pinned Article Computer and Device Service Levels (SLA)

Describes computer and device support service levels.

Returning to Campus Tech Checklist

If you are returning to campus after a term or more away, it is a good idea to check the tech in your office or work space. In this article you will find a list for checking your work technology and a list for department administrators checking technology in departmental meeting rooms and spaces.