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OAUTH2 with O365/Exchange MFA has been tested successfully on Alpine 2.25.
It does not work with Alpine 2.22 since needed menu items are missing.
This was documented against Alpine 2.25 on Ubuntu 20.04. (built from source)
This KBA discusses email options for Linux users accessing our Microsoft 365 mailboxes.
Email security is primarily supported through the Microsoft Office 365 Email service.  All email is filtered and sanitized by this service before delivering to users and other services including O365 mailboxes, Gmail, and other forwarding services.  User experience and functionality may be slightly different depending on where your mailbox is maintained and this document is intended on providing a high-level overview only.
Changing your personal email through Darthub
Dartmouth's mail system supports up to 20,000 messages in a single folder.
Instructions for formatting text in email messages when composing email in Outlook on the Web (BWA)