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These are the steps required to embed a link to your name pronunciation in your Gmail email signature
In our continuous effort to enhance email security and efficiency for the Dartmouth College community, we are addressing an often-overlooked aspect of email management: Graymail. Learn what Graymail is and how our upgraded email security system smartly organizes such emails into a dedicated "Promotions" folder, keeping your inbox clean and your focus sharp.
Our organization's email security policy mandates the use of DMARC, complemented by either SPF or DKIM compliance for bulk email services. To address SPF's limitations, dedicated subdomains are utilized for enhanced email management. This approach upholds secure and dependable email communication within our organization.
Email security is primarily supported through the Microsoft Office 365 Email service.  All email is filtered and sanitized by this service before delivering to users and other services including O365 mailboxes, Gmail, and other forwarding services.  User experience and functionality may be slightly different depending on where your mailbox is maintained and this document is intended on providing a high-level overview only.
OAUTH2 with O365/Exchange MFA has been tested successfully on Alpine 2.25.
It does not work with Alpine 2.22 since needed menu items are missing.
This was documented against Alpine 2.25 on Ubuntu 20.04. (built from source)
Want to have someone view your calendar, accept meeting invitations for you, or send email on your behalf? Read about email & calendar delegation and sharing.
The departments of Information Security & Safety and Security, regularly receive reports of scams through Dartmouth systems such as email, phone, or messaging. It is important to make these offices aware of scams, so they can be investigated and that victims receive the best possible help. Dartmouth takes a great deal of precaution and measures to limit scams getting through to college systems, however some will always leak through. These offices are always here to assist you in navigating scams
Dartmouth's mail system supports up to 20,000 messages in a single folder.