Information Security and Data Protection

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GlobalProtect VPN

How to install GlobalProtect and troubleshoot common problems.

Safe Computing and Data Security

Articles to help you be safe on your computer.

Vendor Risk Management

The Office of Information Security partners with all units across campus to evaluate security risks in vendor relationships.

Phishing and Spam

Please check here if you are seeing a suspicious email and would like to verify if there are similar known phishing exercises.
If you have received a phishing message in your inbox, please forward the message to, then mark the message as spam or phishing in your email client

Events and Incidents

News and information on security events and incidents

Articles (9)

Pinned Article Landing Page: Information Security and Data Protection

ITC Security is actively identifying and responding to security and privacy concerns. Please favorite this article and check back often, as it will be updated with new information and guidance on how to protect your privacy and data.

Pinned Article Security Recommendations for Remote Teaching, Learning, and Working

Ways to keep your device secure while working from home

Employment Scams / Scam Reporting

The departments of Information Security & Safety and Security, regularly receive reports of scams through Dartmouth systems such as email, phone, or messaging. It is important to make these offices aware of scams, so they can be investigated and that victims receive the best possible help. Dartmouth takes a great deal of precaution and measures to limit scams getting through to college systems, however some will always leak through. These offices are always here to assist you in navigating scams

Phishing Scams Related to COVID-19

Please remain vigilant around scams related to COVID-19

Zoom Security and Privacy Settings

Recommendations and answers to recent questions related to security and privacy in Zoom