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Safe Computing and Data Security

Articles to help you be safe on your computer.


How to install GlobalProtect and troubleshoot common problems.

Known Phishing Scams

Please check here if you are seeing a suspicious email and would like to verify if there are similar known phishing exercises.

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Pinned Article Examples of Phishing Scams for COVID-19

Examples of COVID-19 Themed Phishing Attempts

Pinned Article Security Recommendations for Remote Teaching, Learning, and Working

Ways to keep your device secure while working from home

FAQs about PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

The technology is called Public Key because, unlike earlier forms of cryptography, it works with a pair of keys.


Dartmouth LiveSafe is an app that provides a quick and convenient way for you to watch out for your friends, or to quickly report a safety concern to Safety and Security.

Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service is part of an ongoing cybersecurity initiative to protect Dartmouth. ATP analyzes incoming email, and blocks malware and unsafe links.

Zoom Security and Privacy Settings

Answers to recent questions related to security and privacy in Zoom