I can't access an additional account in Outlook for Windows; error message "This set of folders cannot be opened"

For those who access other accounts in Outlook for Windows when logged into their Dartmouth email account. When you try to access the account, the account can't be accessed i.e. you can't write/send/receive emails at all. The error message is "This set of folders cannot be opened"

The account is accessible when logging into bwa.dartmouth.edu

The solution:

  1. Open Outlook for Windows and login with your account credentials
  2. Click the File menu > Office account > Manage Account
  3. Sign out of your Dartmouth account
  4. Sign into the account you're unable to access
  5. Quit Outlook
  6. Open Outlook and log in with your own account information
  7. Click the File menu > Office account > User Information and changed the account to the account you're having issues accessing
  8. Quit Outlook
  9. Reopen Outlook and login with the account you're having issues with
  10. Quit Outlook
  11. Login with your own credentials

You should then be able to access the other account


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Fri 4/3/20 9:35 AM
Tue 4/21/20 3:20 PM