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Information on how to improve your Zoom connection
Frequently asked questions about Zoom
How to add or edit meeting or webinar passwords
Service and support hours of operation and mode of contact for the ITC Service Desk, Computer Store, and Classroom Technologies
This article provides some troubleshooting tips for the GlobalProtect client installed on a Windows 10 machine
What is Slack for, who should use it, and why
Options for hosting live and recorded lectures.
What is Canvas used for, who should use it, and why should you use it?
This article provides instructions for obtaining a Zoom webinar license, and webinar and large meeting capabilities available to Dartmouth users.
Add a new phone to your account, remove an old phone, or update preferences
What is Zoom, who should use it, and why should I use it
These steps won’t solve all issues, but they may help resolve some common problems with home Wi-Fi networks.