ESRI ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) via Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

ESRI ArcGIS ArcMap via Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 

ArcMap 10.7 as a virtualized app here: 

ArcMap via Remote Desktop Services (RDS):  

  1. Contact us at or to have your NetID added to the RDS pool (RDS-RC-ArcGIS security group), in the Microsoft Active Directory (AD) 
  2. Optional step for loading data and extracting results: fill out the form to get a "DartFS" account so that you can load and save files using this system.
  3. Connect to the Dartmouth College Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Sign in using Global Protect and Duo with your netid.  If you don't have the VPN client already, see this services portal article: 
  4. Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Apple App store, or if you're on a windows machine it is likely already installed on the machine, search 'Remote Desktop Connection'. 
  5. Once the app is installed, point a browser to and sign in by typing the username:   kiewit\NetID and then your NetID password.  The "kiewit\" notation logs you in to the correct domain for the system.
  6. Click on the ArcMap icon.  This will download a small file with the extension .rdp.  Double-click this file to run it, it will use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.  You may need to enter your kiewit\NetId credentials again, but then after a few minutes, you should see ArcMap launch from the remote session.
  7. Your DartFS storage can be used with this machine to save files.  The machine itself does not have much local storage.  If you don't have DartFS storage yet, you can request it here using the "Request An Account" button at the top:
  8. To connect or mount your DartFS storage to ArcMap, click ArcMap's "Windows" menu, choose "Catalog".  In the catalog sidebar, click the "Connect to Folder" button, which looks like a folder with a + sign on it.  At the bottom of the pop-up box, in the 'folder' text box, enter your dartfs storage string, which will be of the form \\\rc\home\<<last digit of NetID>> \<<NetID>> (for example: \\\rc\home\9\f003d69  )
  9. If you find the machine too slow, or if your session ends unexpectedly, please let us know.  We are still in the testing phase with regards to how much memory and resources to allocate to the server that runs the application.
  10. Questions? Contact us at or




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