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Digital Storage

Has articles about DartFS, OpenAFS, and RStor.

Code Development

Has articles about Research Computing Programming, Compilers, IDL, Debuggers

Field Specific Support

Has articles about installing ArcGIS, JMP Pro, SPSS and Stata.


Has a list of minicourses for Researchers and course descriptions.
Also has articles about Linux and a safe Linux password.

Software for Research

Software for Research

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Contact Research Computing to sort out an issue or problem.

Passwordless SSH login to research servers

The GSSAPI feature of SSH/SFTP can be used to log in to remote servers without entering a password each time.

Recover files/folders from a DartFS a snapshot

Recovering files and folder in a snapshotted DartFS volume

Sharing .ipynb (Jupyter/iPython/Colab) notebooks via Dartmouth Google Drive

Step by step sharing and receiving shared .ipynb (Jupyter/iPython/Colab) notebook via institutional GDrive

Snapgene software

Snapgene allows researchers to plan and simulate their molecular biology projects, analyze sequencing data, and catalog genetic sequences with ease. Software download and support information is included.