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Documentation on using the Discovery cluster resources.

Has articles about Research Computing Programming, Compilers, IDL, Debuggers

Articles about the DartFS storage offering.

Has articles about installing ArcGIS, JMP Pro, SPSS and Stata.

Articles about Research Computing's Linux systems such as Polaris, Andes, and the Discovery Cluster.

Articles about RSTOR which is Research Computing's legacy OpenAFS storage offering (the northstar cell).

Software for Research

Has a list of minicourses for Researchers and course descriptions.
Also has articles about Linux and a safe Linux password.

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Pinned Article Training and Workshops: Research Computing Services

Sign up for workshops taught by Research Computing.

Pinned Article When a knowledgebase article is not enough...

Contact Research Computing to sort out an issue or problem.

CITI Training

Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative.

File Transfer Using Globus

Learn about using Globus to transfer large data between computers.

Hardware Resources for Researchers

An overview of the hardware available to Dartmouth researchers.

Research Computing Accounts

Request an account to use Research Computing's computational environments.