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As of 11/11/2020
The following page outlines the planned and scheduled database maintenance events.
Research ITC can provision MySQL relational databases for research purposes. You may request one and more in formation via e-mail: In order to access the database, you need to have your credentials at hand.
Password managers like LastPass help you protect your passwords.
Supported browser and apps for Oracle E-Business Suite
MyFiles and OurFiles moving to cloud storage options
How to setup Java Web Start on the browser for Oracle EBS.
Sample Offer Letter Template (non-exempt positions)
Sample Offer Letter Template (exempt positions)
Lists some offer letter tips, the DORR Confirmation of Offer Letter and the Equifax Employment Notification information.
Lists the email at “Campus/Final Interview” – automated through DORR.
This document explains how to use supplemental questions in your job posting.
Dartmouth is in the process of rolling out Panopto as a comprehensive video recording, management and delivery platform. This article explains what Panopto is, why we are adopting it, what it will be replacing, and what the approximate timeline for any of these changes will be.
Best practice for choosing application (2-part or full) – Process for easy identification for HR
List of sources for Diversity Recruitment.
This list includes several media and diversity sources for advertising vacant higher education positions. Pricing may be subject to change and is current as of 2020.