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Use ktutil to create a keytab file containing an encrypted password for use with automated operations with kerberized services (e.g. DartFS or AFS)
Online Reference Guides for Dropbox Enterprise
Dartmouth Services Phishing Scam
Phshing Scam about Emergency System Maintenance Update!
Interim plan for managing ITC Service Desk short staffing.
Dartmouth has chosen HP as its new partner for PC devices.
The Oracle E-Business Suite, also known as “Oracle EBS”, is moving to new server hardware.
Description of the ITC Project Governance cycle including project requests, review, approval and ultimately project initiation.
Here is a summary of the 5 KB statuses.  Each one is meant to represent where that article is in its lifecycle.
Get information on how to set up your Gmail account.
Information regarding email at Dartmouth
This is probably only useful for a few people outside of ITC.
Step by step instructions for migrating data from a legacy Discovery home directory to a DartFS home directory.
Step by step instructions for migrating data from an AFS home directory to a DartFS home directory.
DartFS mount from Tuck-domain Windows systems require explicit authentication to the KIEWIT domain.
Snapgene allows researchers to plan and simulate their molecular biology projects, analyze sequencing data, and catalog genetic sequences with ease. Software download and support information is included.
Contact Research Computing to sort out an issue or problem.