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Explains what happens to your Google Drive files at Dartmouth when you leave employment.
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Purchase computers, accessories, and equipment from The Computer Store
The following page outlines the planned and scheduled database maintenance events.
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Summary table that explains what happens to your access to technology tools you used as a student.
Guidebook to get started using Slack for your courses.
Recovering files and folder in a snapshotted DartFS volume
Global Protect by Palo Alto Networks is Dartmouth's newly supported VPN client. This tool has replaced the F5 VPN client, also known as the Big-IP Edge client, and is available across different devices and operating systems.
Use this article to find your computer name.
Overview of the GreenPrint printing service
Check your tech and get resource links for help.
Information on a HIPAA compliant Zoom account
What is Zoom, who should use it, and why should I use it
Instructors can create a Slack workspace for each course through Canvas, after which students can join.