Recently Modified Articles

This article provides instructions for scheduling and hosting Zoom meetings in a Zoom Room.
This article describes how to activate Duo Mobile with a new QR code.
Dartmouth is retiring OUD (Oracle Unified Directory) which is currently used as an LDAP to provision new accounts and manage those user accounts.
Upgrade to VPN client
Snapgene allows researchers to plan and simulate their molecular biology projects, analyze sequencing data, and catalog genetic sequences with ease. Software download and support information is included.
Review these webinar and meeting settings to choose the most secure and appropriate setting for your event.
The following article explains the general configuration for all backup policies configured and operated by Infrastructure Services. These policies may be slightly tailored to fit various different use cases but all policies will have generally the same configuration guidelines.
Centrally managed data centers in compliance with the Data Center Security and Operations Policy.
Explains what happens to your Zoom access when you graduate.
This list includes several media and diversity sources for advertising vacant higher education positions. Pricing may be subject to change and is current as of 2020.
Instructions on how to post to the calendar.
Add a new phone to your account, remove an old phone, or update preferences
This article provides instructions for obtaining a Zoom webinar license, and webinar and large meeting capabilities available to Dartmouth users.
Due to a security vulnerability associated with using SMS passcodes to authenticate with Duo, Dartmouth is disabling this feature 06/22/2022.