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A web-based tool for teaching, learning, and collaboration.

More resources at the Teach Remotely website.
-- General Information - https://sites.dartmouth.edu/teachremote/resourc...
-- Setup Guide - https://sites.dartmouth.edu/teachremote/resourc...
-- Using Canvas for Discussions - https://sites.dartmouth.edu/teachremote/resourc...
-- Using Canvas for Quizzes, Tests, and Exams - https://sites.dartmouth.edu/teachremote/resourc...

Teaching and Learning

Articles about Teaching and Learning at Dartmouth.

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Guide to Getting Started with Ed Discussion

How to get started using Ed Discussion quickly. This article covers navigating the platform, starting new threads, categorizing discussions, and using the settings to your advantage.

List of Resources for Internet and Broadband Access

List of resources for students interested in learning about free or reduced costs of broadband services

Resilient course design

Resilient course design offers an adaptive approach by planning courses that are resistant to disruption and agnostic to any particular learning environment.