Leaving Dartmouth

Information for students, faculty and staff who are leaving Dartmouth.

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Graduating Students - Arts & Sciences

Information for new Arts & Sciences graduates. Find out what happens to your email, files, Canvas assignments, etc. when you leave Dartmouth.
Will you be staying on as a graduate student or staff? Here is some information for you:


There is a lot to think about when you have decided to leave employment at Dartmouth. Start here to find out what is important to manage BEFORE your last day of employment.  Each article on this page goes into detail about what to expect and when to prepare your technology and digital life for your departure as a Dartmouth employee.

Graduating Students - Geisel Tuck Thayer

Information for Tuck School Graduating Students:

Information for Geisel School of Medicine Graduating Students:

Information for Thayer School of Engineering Graduating Students:

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Leaving Dartmouth - Research Computing resources

What happens to your data with Research Computing when you leave Dartmouth.