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Pinned Article Coming to Dartmouth: Panopto

Dartmouth is in the process of rolling out Panopto as a comprehensive video recording, management and delivery platform. This article explains what Panopto is, why we are adopting it, what it will be replacing, and what the approximate timeline for any of these changes will be.

Pinned Article Getting Started with Panopto - General

This document describes how to create, upload and share a new recording in Panopto. There are two ways of creating recordings in Panopto: (A) through a dedicated application that needs to be installed on one’s computer and (B) through a browser-based recording. We strongly recommend option A, and it is what’s described below.

Captioning and Accessibility in Panopto

It is important to provide captions for any course video for the purposes of both accessibility and usability. Today, it’s easiest to accomplish this by using a combination of (edited) machine-generated and human-generated transcription services. The value added to any video by captions cannot be overstated - since they open up these videos to searching, and allow viewers to easily jump to specific areas of interest.

Copying videos in Panopto’s Canvas course folders

This guide describes Panopto's process for moving course-related videos between two courses with separate Canvas sites.

How to Get Panopto Recorder Logs

Panopto Recorder logs can be helpful for troubleshooting failures within the application. These can be shared with Panopto for the purposes of more advanced troubleshooting.

Moving Zoom Recordings in Panopto

Describes how to move Zoom meeting recordings in Panopto

Panopto Article: How to Copy and Move Sessions

This guide describes how to copy and move sessions within Panopto from their documentation.

Panopto Article: How to Download Video or Audio Streams as MP4s

We frequently get asked by content creators how they can download their source media from Panopto for backups or other purposes. Once a video has completed the "Podcast processing" in Panopto, anyone with the "creators, admins, or videographers" will be able to download the media (Note: you can make that more permissive in the settings for the session or folder).

Panopto FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Panopto

Permissions and Sharing in Panopto

Permissions are the primary way to share materials in Panopto. The following are a collection of tips and resources to aid as you share media in Panopto at Dartmouth.

Recording in Panopto During Class

There are numerous reasons why you may want to record your class sessions in one-off or ongoing cases. This guide serves as a resource to help you to best plan and record in class using Panopto Video.

Schedule and Record Class Sessions in Zoom and Canvas

This guide describes the steps for recording a Class session for Canvas using Zoom.

Submit Student Video Assignments With Panopto In Canvas

This article describes the specific steps students should take to submit video assignments with Panopto in Canvas at Dartmouth.

Troubleshooting Panopto Playback in Canvas within Safari on macOS

Panopto Video is unable to load in Safari for video playback from within Canvas. The error appears saying, "We were unable to sign you in because your browser is not accepting cookies. Click here to sign in. To open this page in a new tab, click here." This article describes how to resolve this common issue.

Using Panopto to Record with and iPadOS or iOS

This guide describes how to create screen recordings to host in Panopto Video, using an iOS or iPadOS (e.g. iPad Pro) device.

Using Panopto to Share Videos in Canvas

One of the most exciting features of Panopto is its convenient Canvas integration. This makes it easy to share media with your students, embed content using the rich content editor (RCE), copy material from past course iterations, and conduct student assignments.

Using Zoom to Record Meetings to Panopto

This guide describes the steps to record meetings in Panopto using Zoom.

What's So Great About Panopto Video

This article describes some of the noteworthy features of Panopto: how they can contribute to teaching and learning, improve productivity, save time, and enhance universal usability and accessibility. This is not a how-to article, but a peek into what’s possible with Panopto.