Using Panopto to Record with and iPadOS or iOS

This guide describes how to create screen recordings to host in Panopto Video, using an iOS or iPadOS (e.g. iPad Pro) device.First, create your screen recording using the native recording feature on iPadOS/iOS. Once you are done with your recording, it will save in your Camera Roll.

Enable Compatability for Sharing: Be sure to check the following iOS sharing compatability settings before recording to avoid potential audio/video sync issues:

  • Go to Settings > Camera > Format and change the setting to Most Compatible (by default it is at High Efficiency)
  • Change the resolution of recording under Settings > Camera > Record Video to 1080p HD at 30 fps
Recording Mic Audio: Please ensure that you capture your audio during the screencast. When you launch the screen recording long press the recording button until you see the additional options appear for screen recording. (a.) Select the option to save to Photos. (b.) Ensure Microphone On. (c.) Then click Start Recording. Otherwise, the audio is not captured by default.

Download the Panopto App from the App store.

Open the Panopto App. Click the three vertical dots on the upper right hand corner (pictured with arrow). Select the option to enter the site address manually. Enter the address as:

Select the option for Dartmouth Single Sign-on. Then click Sign In. Enter your NetID and password. Perform the DUO authentication if prompted.

Click the + on the bottom right hand corner of the screen (pictured below with the arrow).

(a.) Pick a destination folder for your video from the dropdown menu on top of the screen. (b.) Then click on Tap to Record or upload a video. If you’ve already recorded a video, click the option for Photo Library. Select your screen recording or video from your camera roll.

Information (i): Take note of the warning on the bottom of the page about recording durations: To avoid limitations on video quality and 10-minute duration, please record in your camera app and then upload the video using Panopto.  We highly recommend recording using the native screen recording then uploading at this screen once done.

Select the option to select from your Camera Roll. (a.) Find your recording in your Camera Roll. When you’ve found the recording (b.) click Add.

Your recording will now upload. You will find it in your selected folder destination upon completing any processing.

Links to Panopto’s Documentation

How to Use the Panopto Mobile App  (Jump to Recording and Uploading a Video) - Panopto’s documentation emphasizes all of the abilities for the mobile app including video playback and search. For the purposes of this resource, refer to the information about Recording and Uploading specifically.

Mobile App Release Notes - Panopto releases updates to their mobile app regularly. View the link on the left in order to learn more about changes to the app.

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