Schedule and Record Class Sessions in Zoom and Canvas

Using Zoom to Record Class Sessions for Canvas

You can also set up Zoom and Panopto to automatically move particular Zoom meeting recordings into particular Panopto class folders (in Canvas), thereby automating the process of making your class recordings viewable by the students in that class. 

Your recorded class meetings can be accessed from your Canvas left-hand navigation under Panopto Video. You may also embed recordings or link to them in modules in Canvas.

Enabling Zoom app in Canvas

Open your Canvas course and click on Settings. On the left navigation. From the Settings page, click the menu tab for Navigation. Find both Zoom and Panopto on the inactive menu items and change them to show in the menu. Click Save before navigating away.

Click on Zoom on the left navigation to launch the Zoom integration in Canvas.

Click Schedule a New Meeting.

Note: (a.) If you previously scheduled a meeting in the Zoom apps or website for your class, you may click the three vertical dots on the right and select the option to Import meeting. (It will prompt you for your existing Zoom Meeting ID after clicking). (b.) If you would like to remove an existing meeting from your course, you may click Disassociate meeting.

Complete all of the options for your meeting as pictured below. 

  • (a.) Add a reference name for your recurring class meetings. This might be just your course number with “Class Meetings” appended to it for your students’ reference. 

  • (b.) Enable the option for Recurring Meeting and use the Recurrence: NoFixed Time

  • (c.) Determine if you would like the Waiting Room enabled for your room. This will move all non-Dartmouth guests into a waiting room by default (unless you’ve altered the setting). 

  • (d.) Many people enable the option for Enable join before host so that the students can get into the room as class is getting started. 

  • (e.) We recommend to not use your Personal Meeting ID for your classroom meetings. Uncheck this option to do that. 

  • (f.) We recommend Require Authentication to Join > Sign into Zoom - 

  • (g.) You may enable the option to Record the Meeting Automatically (with the option to the Zoom Cloud to direct your recordings to your Panopto Course Folder). 

  • (h.) Click Save to keep the settings you’ve selected and schedule your meeting. Note: This automatically generates an announcement to the students and there currently isn't a way to suppress this option. 

Once your meeting is scheduled, you may navigate back to the Zoom menu item, find your desired meeting, and click Start to begin your meeting.

Once you’re in the meeting, if you haven’t selected the option to Recording Meeting Automatically, make sure to select the option to record the meeting to the cloud.

Where do my Zoom recordings go?

If you selected the option to "Record the Meeting Automatically" or recorded your class session to the Zoom cloud once your session recorded, you will find your meetings in the Panopto Video link on the Canvas course navigation for the course where the Zoom meeting was originally scheduled.


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