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This document describes how to create, upload and share a new recording in Panopto. There are two ways of creating recordings in Panopto: (A) through a dedicated application that needs to be installed on one’s computer and (B) through a browser-based recording. We strongly recommend option A, and it is what’s described below.

  1. Open one of these supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Windows Edge.
  2. Go to and sign in with your Dartmouth netID and password.
  3. You will now be logged into the Panopto Video Library, where you can access any videos shared with you as well as any videos created by you. This short Tour of the Video Library (4:45) explains its interface and navigation.
  4. In the upper right hand corner of the Panopto Video Library, you will see a “Download Panopto” link.
    Screenshot of Download Panopto link
    Click this link to be taken to a page allowing you to download the Panopto application for your operating system (Mac or Windows). Download and install the application. 
  5. Once you have downloaded and installed Panopto, you can launch it from your Panopto video library. Click the green “Create” button towards the top of your screen, and then choose “Record a new session”.
    Screenshot of Record a New Session menu command
  6. On the next window, click the green “Open Panopto” button. This will launch the Panopto application on your computer.
    Screenshot of Open Panopto button
  7. You are now ready to select your sources (what it is you’re trying to capture) and to begin recording. Our most common scenario is a PPT presentation and the video of the presenter’s webcam. To achieve this, make sure to select your webcam as the primary source, and to check the “Record Powerpoint” box. 
    Screenshot of Recording Screen
    You are now ready to record, and then upload your recording. We recommend watching a short walk-through of the process:
  8. After your video has been uploaded, it will be processed, and then become available to you in your “My Folder” in the Panopto Video Library. To share the video with others, click the “Share” button next to the video. 
    Screenshot of Share button
    You can either invite specific individuals:
    Screenshot of Sharing with Individuals setail
    ... or you can copy a link to the video, to make it available via link-sharing.
    Screenshot of Link Sharing
    Here are more details on the sharing permissions in Panopto.
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