Submit Student Video Assignments With Panopto In Canvas

This article describes the specific steps students should take to submit video assignments with Panopto in Canvas at Dartmouth. 

Pre-requisites: The course instructor needs to enable the Text Entry assignment for the Online Submission Type in the Canvas Assignment. If you don't have access to the text entry option, notify your instructor.
  1. Create your video submission using your desired or assigned method. 

  2. Follow the instructions for getting to your Canvas Assignment you are submitting (this links to the Canvas Guide for Students from Instructure).

  3. (a.) Place your cursor in the text box. (b.) Click the video “V” or the plug-ins button on the rich content editor (RCE) Toolbar. (c.) Find your already uploaded video in Panopto or choose to upload it now. (d.) Submit your assignment with the embedded video. This guide from Panopto describes the full Video Assignment submission process with screenshots.

Note: The instructor may create an Assignment Folder to store all of the student assignments in one place within Panopto. Check your instructor’s directions or ask the instructor about the expectations  for your course-specific assignment workflow.
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