Using Panopto to Share Videos in Canvas

One of the most exciting features of Panopto is its convenient Canvas integration. This makes it easy to share media with your students, embed content using the rich content editor (RCE), copy material from past course iterations, and conduct student assignments.

First, unhide the Panopto Video menu item from the navigation settings in the Course Settings Menu. This will enable you to access the Panopto integration for your Canvas course. This will also make it available to your students. Click + Enable, then click Save. This guide from Panopto describes how to set it up in greater detail: How to Access Panopto in a Canvas Course.

An image showing how to find Panopto Video in the menu navigation listing, showing it on the navigation, and clicking Save.

Optional: Move the previously recorded/uploaded videos you want to share with your students to your Canvas course folder. This step isn't required but can be helpful for creating a secondary collection of your course media in a single location for your students. You can also just link to media where it currently resides (without moving it). This guide from Panopto describes how to move your Panopto sessions to another folder.

You may embed Panopto videos anywhere you can access the Rich Content Editor (RCE) in Canvas. This guide describes the full process for adding media from Panopto via Embed in Canvas (as pictured below). In the RCE, (a.) click the video "V" button to launch the video embed drop-down. (b.) Then click Panopto Video in the menu.

Alternatively, you can also add Panopto videos via Third Party Links in the Modules (as pictured in the second screenshot below). To do so, add a new item to your module, click (a.) External Tool, select (b.) Panopto Video, then select (c.) Add Item.

Faculty can create a Video Assignment (as a submission type) for students via Panopto. This guide from Panopto describes how to create the assignment as a text entry assignment for students (so they can then use the RCE integration in the text editor to submit the assignment). Here are instructions for students on how to submit their assignments.

Additionally, faculty may create assignment folders in Panopto to allow students to submit assignments to a shared folder. This also creates the option of sharing a folder of student work with the entire class, or with groups of students (of interest especially to studio art, theatre, music, film, composition courses)

Faculty can also create Video Quizzes with Panopto that connect to Canvas. This can be a great strategy for including formative assessments in your course materials. 

Faculty can use the Course Copy feature in Canvas to move Panopto videos. If you’ve already embedded videos in the course using the RCE, Panopto will automatically provision permissions for your new students as "Viewers".


Two comprehensive resources from Panopto:

  1. A complete list of Panopto’s documentation on Canvas. 

  2. Panopto’s detailed video walkthrough explaining all of the features in the Canvas integration in one session.


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