Recording in Panopto During Class

There are numerous reasons why you may want to record your class sessions in one-off or ongoing cases. This guide serves as a resource to help you to best plan and record in class using Panopto Video.

Recording with Classroom Capture

Check below if your classroom is equipped for Classroom Capture capabilities. This allows for simpler, scheduled in-class recording options. If your class is on that list, you can submit a “Capture Request” with Classroom Technology Services.

Classroom Capture Locations:

  • Fairchild Hall 101

  • Life Science Center 100 (Oopik Auditorium), 105, 200, 201 and 205

  • Moore Hall B03, B13 (Filene Auditorium)

  • Steele Hall 006, 007

  • Wilder 104, 111

If your room doesn’t have Classroom Capture pre-installed, refer to our section on Recording with the Panopto Recorders.

Recording with the Panopto Recorders

Recording with the Panopto Recorders in the classroom is not ideal. The following are our recommendations for how to plan around any existing constraints.

  • Use your personal computer to share from and record with Panopto. The classroom computer may be used as a backup. Note: this will require the extra steps of logging in and logging out of your Panopto account.

  • Notify your students of what and how you intend to record. Allow the option for students to maintain privacy while recording.

  • When using your laptop to record -- plan to be within 3-4’ of the physical laptop for audio clarity and within the established webcam video frame. If other needs arise, contact Classroom Technologies Services for additional solution recommendations.

  • If the Panopto Session Recorder fails -- consider using a Zoom session with Cloud Recordings enabled or the Panopto Capture web browser recorder

  • For capturing board work consider using an iPad Pro or similar for these other use cases and share a PDF of your annotations with your students later. Note: webcams typically can’t capture whiteboards, chalkboards, or object study very well.

  • For capturing discussions -- consider repeating/recapping student comments or questions directly into the microphone. As an alternative, consider designating a notetaker to share a recap of in-class discussions for the class and individual students’ benefits.

  • Plan who and how should get access to any classroom captures. Decide if you want to share with your entire class or individually approved cases.

  • Consider adding any additional content (e.g. handouts, notes, or other materials) by adding content to a video using the sessions feature in Panopto

Sharing Your Recording

How can I make the recording viewable to the entire class? Refer to our guide on Record Directly to a Panopto Class Folder in Canvas

How can I make the recording viewable to select individuals? In this case,  refer to our guide on Permissions and Sharing in Panopto or Panopto's support guide on How to Share a Video.

Additional Resources and Support

For information on Panopto, refer to our getting started guide and Panopto’s information about the recorders.

If you have questions about your teaching strategies related to classroom capture, contact the Learning Design and Technology team. If you have questions about specific classroom services and technologies, contact Classroom Technology Services.

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