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This article describes some of the noteworthy features of Panopto: how they can contribute to teaching and learning, improve productivity, save time, and enhance universal usability and accessibility. This is not a how-to article, but a peek into what’s possible with Panopto.

Sessions allow faculty to include multiple video sources, attachments, and other relevant information. Panopto’s video platform makes it easy for faculty to add relevant information for students.

Automated speech recognition and visual character recognition allow for immense search capabilities. Users can search both on screen elements (e.g. slides, screenshares, etc.) and audio tracks in recordings for keywords detection. This makes it easy to find the content you need quickly and efficiently.

Panopto uses smart chaptering with slideshows and other visual information. This allows for you to quickly index a presentation with slides (from PowerPoint or elsewhere).

Panopto includes machine-generated captions (Automated Speech Recognition) for free in their product. This helps content creators to make content with accessibility foremost in mind.

Panopto includes features in their player specifically for learning. This includes the ability to embed quizzing, discussion and commenting capabilities, and individual and shared note-taking.

Panopto includes numerous features that allow content creators to customize and manage their content effectively. This includes numerous features for sharing content in a variety of ways. Additionally, users have the ability to enhance recordings with information like captions, metadata, keywords, and other information.

Canvas and Panopto are deeply integrated with one another. This allows for seamless sharing, permissions, organizing of course content, and allowing students to create media-based assignments.

Dartmouth has unlimited storage and playback in Panopto. Our contract includes unlimited storage for the Dartmouth community. 

Panopto is situated well to provide content on mobile devices and across a variety of playback conditions. This includes support for content delivery in lower bandwidth situations.

Panopto’s recorders are easy to use and flexible in their use. Users can use a variety of tools to easily get media into Panopto. This also includes an extensive integration with Zoom Cloud Recordings hosted in Panopto.

Panopto has higher education as a part of its DNA. The initial platform and idea came out of a technology transfer at Carnegie Mellon. While they have many non-education customers, the company puts a great deal of focus on the education market and their resulting needs.

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