Captioning and Accessibility in Panopto

It is important to provide captions for any course video for the purposes of both accessibility and usability. Today, it’s easiest to accomplish this by using a combination of (edited) machine-generated and human-generated transcription services. 

The value added to any video by captions cannot be overstated - since they open up these videos to searching, and allow viewers to easily jump to specific areas of interest.

To learn more about accessible teaching practices, refer to ITC/DCAL’s guide on Creating Accessible Materials and Student Accessibility Services’ website.


  • Collaborate with Student Accessibility Services on any captions for student accommodations. If a video is being transcribed specifically for a student with a documented accommodation, collaborate with Student Accessibility Services and their Assistive Technology team to ensure that the protocol meets the needs of the specific student and their profile.

  • Meetings recorded in Zoom will have an automatic machine-generated transcription that comes over from Zoom shortly after the recording is processed. You may edit this speaker-identified transcript in Panopto to enhance the accuracy and quality of the captions.

  • Machine-generated (called ASR by Panopto) transcripts without editing are not accurate enough for web accessibility requirements. Individual content creators must develop a workflow to ensure content quality and accuracy for these transcripts.

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