Moving Zoom Recordings in Panopto

This describes how to move recording from one location in Panopto to another. The specific example used in this case is a classroom recording from Zoom that was placed in the default folder rather than the specific course folder for the term. This article assumes that the user has clicked through on their Panopto Video link in their Canvas site at least once -- to generate the course folder in Panopto.

  1. Open
  2. Open your My Folder and navigate to the Meeting Recordings sub-folder.
  3. Find the recording you would like to move. Mouse over the bottom part of that recording's tile and find the Settings option that appears.a listing of session recordings in Panopto meeting recordings
  4. Find the text that says Folder and the folder name. In this case, it should say Meeting Recordings. Click the option to Edit.the session information including the highlighted text Folder: Meeting Recordings.
  5. Use the search box that appears to look for a key component of your destination folder's name. For example in this case, created during Winter term 2022, the search term "(WI22)" is used to bring back only results of folders with that title component. This would effectively filter the results instead of trying to find the folder's exact location.searching for the folder name by the display text (WI22)
  6. Click Save to make your changes.



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