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How do I activate my Dartmouth Panopto account?

What will happen to my content in Zoom Cloud, Echo 360, Kaltura, and TechSmith Relay?

  • Dartmouth will migrate the content for you, including any captioning files.

Will links to my recordings still work?

  • If you have links to recordings in platforms that will be retired (i.e. Echo 360, Kaltura, and TechSmith Relay), then the links should be changed to Panopto links after the content has been migrated into Panopto.

Until when can I keep using Echo 360, Kaltura, and TechSmith Relay?

  • Dartmouth's Learning Design and Technology team recommends creating all new content beyond the Fall ‘20 term in Panopto. The team recommends switching over to Panopto for your media needs for Winter ‘21 and beyond.

During the migration of Zoom recordings from Zoom Cloud to Panopto:

  • Can I view my recordings in Zoom Cloud?
    • Yes, content access is unaffected in Zoom Cloud during the migration process.
  • Will my shared links to Zoom Cloud recordings still work?
    • Yes, content access is unaffected in Zoom Cloud during the migration process.
  • Can I edit or delete my recordings in Zoom Cloud?
    • It is recommended that users do not edit or delete Zoom recordings during the migration process.  The migration process does not interrupt any functionality on the Zoom side, but there may be the issue of an edit made in Zoom after Panopto has already migrated that particular piece of content. An edit would also affect the total duration of content converted.  A deletion would incur the risk of content being inventoried that will never make it into Panopto, or content having already been brought over to Panopto therein requiring the user to delete the recording from Panopto post migration.
  • Does Panopto communicate with creators of Zoom Cloud recordings?  For example, a notice that the migration of their media has begun or is complete?
    • All communications to end users will be from Dartmouth.  Panopto does not communicate directly with end users about the migration process.
  • Does Panopto alert Dartmouth when certain accounts are in queue, or is the migration a multi-week window where all migrations are initiated and completed at some point during that time?
    • The migration timeline is a multi-week window where the conversions are completed in bulk and followed by a bulk import of the content to Dartmouth's Panopto site.
  • How does Panopto confirm the quality/accuracy of the migrated media?
    • Post migration, Panopto will provide a report of successfully transferred content along with any failures that may have occurred. Panopto's engineering team will perform periodic spot checks on the content at each step along the way.
  • When can creators begin accessing migrated Zoom recordings in Panopto? Do they need to wait until the entire migration project is complete?
    • Due to the content being imported in a bulk fashion, users won’t be able to see the content in Panopto until it’s ready for viewing. This means that when they see the content in Panopto, they can start using it.

How can I learn more about Panopto?

  • Review Related Articles on this article.
  • Search this knowledge base for even more articles on Panopto.
  • Go to the Panopto website and watch video tutorials on popular topics.

How do I provide feedback about Panopto?

  • Please email the Learning Design and Technology team.

How do I request help with Panopto?

  • If you are experiencing an issue with Panopto or need to request help with Panopto, please submit a support ticket.
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