Operating Systems and Software commonly used on campus. Troubleshooting for common problems.

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Using the Mac Operating System as well as common troubleshooting.


Using the Windows Operating System as well as common troubleshooting.

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Atlas.ti for Mac - version update process

The installed version of Atlas.ti is version 1.0, but once installed, run Atlas.ti, and under the Atlas.ti menu select Check for Updates to upgrade Atlas.ti to the latest license version 8.4.2

DAP Standard Software and Configurations

The following information was created to establish a common build specification for all staff and faculty laptops and desktops.  Changes to these standards can be submitted via a service request to the Computer Store which will be forwarded to Computer Standards Review Group.  Once received a member of that team will reach out to you

Microsoft Remote Desktop - how to select a local folder for saving files

Using Microsoft Remote Desktop for Macintosh, you can set "folder redirection"  in the Preferences.

My Windows Display Turned Black and White

How to use Windows 10 color filters to change your display from grayscale to color

Repeated restarts after OS X upgrade

Upgraded OS X, but now the computer just restarts over and over.

Request a read receipt or delivery notification in Outlook for Mac

Read receipts and delivery notifications are available in only some versions of Outlook for Mac, and only when using an Office 365 work or school account, or an Exchange Server account managed by your organization.

Zotero - List all authors - not xxx et al. in Bibliography

How to get Zotero to list all authors in the bibliography, not using et al.