FastX for Mac or Windows

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FastX - remote graphical display from Unix/Linux servers

FastX is an alternative method for rendering graphical output from remote Unix/Linux servers.   Software on the remote system writes to a virtual display, which is mapped to the desktop display using a protocol more like a video stream than traditional X11.  FastX can use an installed client (recommended), or display in a web browser, and it can only be used with a remote computer that has the FastX server installed.  Licensing is by number of concurrent connections.  Software that is optimized for local display on a Linux workstation, such as rstudio, can have much higher performance using FastX, or may be completely incompatible with traditional remote X11

Clients are available for Windows, Macintosh, Apple's iPad or Linux workstations.

Preliminary installers and instructions.  The primary Research Computing linux compute servers all have FastX installed.  




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