How to install Microsoft Office and troubleshoot common problems.

Product Terms and Use Rights - as a user please be aware of the terms and conditions upon which you are allowed to use the Microsoft Products

1. Your use of the Products is subject to the terms of Dartmouth's agreement with Microsoft, including but not limited to limitations on liability, disclaimer of warranties and exclusion of remedies;
2. You are allowed to run the Products only during the Licensed Period;
3. If the agreement is terminated, or an Enrollment expires and Dartmouth does not purchase perpetual Licenses for the Products ordered under the Enrollment, then all Products run under the agreement or the applicable Enrollment must be deleted when the Licensed Period expires or is otherwise earlier terminated, whichever is first

Please submit a ticket to the Help Desk if you wish to view the Product Terms and Use Rights.

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Installation & Setup

How to install Microsoft Office, Visio, Project, and Power BI.


Investigate and resolve common problems

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