MobaXterm is a utility for Microsoft Windows which provides SSH terminal connects, Secure FTP (SFTP) file transfers, and X11 remote graphics displays with remote servers, typically Linux systems.

Step by Step

  1. Download the Home Edition directly from Mobatek.  Dartmouth does not have bulk licenses for the Professional Edition at this time.
  2. We recommend the Installer Edition version, which uses the standard Windows package installer.  There is also a Portable Edition, which can be used if you do not have privilege to install software.  The download is a Zip archive.
  3. Unzip and run the installer.
  4. Run the app
  5. Click the "Session" button in the upper left to start a new session
  6. select what type of session you want.
    SSH is the most common way to connect to Linux servers. 
    RDP is used to connect to Windows servers.
    SFTP is used to securely transfer files to or from a linux server
    MobaXterm also lets you launch several types of local shells, including Powershell and WSL

MobaXTerm makes displaying remote graphical linux applications easy

By default, MobaXTerm starts an X11 server on your local machine when it's launched, and updates the necessary settings when you ssh to a server.. To run an app on Discovery that will appear on your local screen:

  1. Click the "Session" button to start a new session
  2. Click SSH for the session type
  3. Enter "" for the remote host
  4.  check the `Specify Username` box and enter your  NetID for the user name
    *this presumes you have previously requested  access to the research machines for your NetID, which you can do at
  5. Click "OK"
  6. Provide your password at the prompt and you will be logged in to Discovery.  
  7. Run a graphical app in your new session, such as 'xclock'
  8. The app might go full-screen or might just launch as a small icon in your task bar that you can click to enlarge.

    X11 apps running on a Windows machine using MobaXTerm

If you have a domain-joined computer, you must .....



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