Install ExacqVision Client on a Macintosh Computer

1. While connected to Eduroam or to the Dartmouth network, in a web browser, navigate to exacqVision website, click Support, expand the OS X client, and click the exacqVision Client link. Or click on this link - and click the exacqVision Client link.

2. When the file is downloaded, navigate to where the file was downloaded (usually the Downloads folder) and double click the exacqVisionClient_NNN_x64.dmg file. 

3. The installation folder will appear on the desktop and open a folder to install the application.

4. Drag the client (edvrclient) and the player (ePlayerPro) to the applications folder.

5. Navigate to the Applications folder and double click edvrclient.

6. Each time the client is started you will receive a warning about the application.

7. When exacqClient is started, click the Configuration icon at the top, then Add System. Click the New button, and enter Leave the port (22609), select Always Prompt for credentials, and click Apply.


8. A dialog to enter credentials will ask for Username and Password. Enter it in the format

9. The first time you successfully log into the exacqVision client you will be asked to enable GPU decoding. Click Yes.


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