Running KeyServed Applications


Dartmouth has established a network service that allows you to copy, use, and share commercial, copyrighted software. These applications are available due to negotiated network-license agreements between Dartmouth College and software publishers. The publishers have granted licenses for their products because the use of these products is controlled and monitored by the Dartmouth KeyServer.

NOTE: Many publishers are no longer willing to participate in licensing the latest versions of their software in this manner. The result is that many of the currently KeyServed applications are quite old, and may not run properly on newer computers. If you wish to use these applications frequently, it is recommended you purchase your own copy.

KeyServed applications cannot be run unless you are connected to the Dartmouth network - either via Ethernet, Wireless, or VPN.

How KeyServer Works:

The KeyServed application you want to use must be installed on your local computer, as well as a second program called KeyAccess. Whenever the KeyServed application is started, KeyAccess sends a message across the Dartmouth network to the KeyServer to check that the number of concurrent users licensed from the application developer has not been exceeded. If there is a license available, you are allowed to run the application. If there is not a license available, KeyAccess will run in the background and notify you when one becomes available.

The KeyServer collects information about the people who use the various KeyServer-controlled applications. This process is used to monitor usage to assure adequate resources are available for the needs of the Dartmouth computing community. The Dartmouth College Information Technology Policy specifically allows the KeyServer to log the names of people who have connected to the server, their network addresses, their connect and disconnect times, and the KeyServed software they use.

Running KeyServed Applications:

You run a KeyServed application just as you would any program installed on your computer. Depending upon the KeyServed application you selected, a message may appear stating that you can run this application only for a set amount of time (e.g., two hours). After that time, if someone is waiting for a license to become available for that application, you are asked to quit the application. These time limits are based upon how many concurrent users can access the application at one time, and how popular that application is.


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