My Recently Visited Services

Connect to the Dartmouth network via VPN

Applications include Grants, IRB, COI, HUB and CMR/eSirius.

XFINITY On Campus (XOC) is an IPTV service from Comcast delivered to laptops, tablets and smartphones through the Dartmouth network.

Dartmouth's default campus printing system for students

Integrate an application with Dartmouth SAML provider.

Systems Infrastructure and Networking will provide service for designing, provisioning, hosting and administration of physical, virtual, and AWS cloud server infrastructure.

Your Dartmouth account includes a personal calendar. Shared calendars (such as conference rooms and group vacation calendars) need to be requested through the IT Service Desk.

Obtain approvals/assignment of requested scope

Request the creation/installation, reconfiguration, or general assistance for a new application, database, server, or software infrastructure component.

Dartmouth provides alumni and volunteers with help accessing online resources. The Alumni Help Desk will assist alumni with logging in and using the applications available to alumni.

Access Online Training Resources

Database Services ensures that customer databases are protected and monitored by establishing backup and recovery procedures, providing a secure database environment, and monitoring database performance.

Request a license to install the full client version of Microsoft Project

Update your computer to add or remove a printer that is on the Dartmouth network

Information, Technology & Consulting's (ITC) Classroom Technology Services Group can evaluate and make simple repairs to systems in other spaces as well as assist you with AV design upgrade that will meet your teaching or business need.

Information, Technology & Consulting's (ITC) Classroom Technology Services Group can assist you with audiovisual system design that will meet your teaching or business need.

Submit a ticket for any campus facilities and administrative systems issues or requests

Access to Banner Pages and Self-Service

Web-based video conferencing application

General Request for Admissions and Financial Aid

Request new static IP addresses or modify existing records

Canvas is a web-based tool for teaching, learning, and collaboration. All Dartmouth classes are automatically provisioned with a Canvas site. Canvas integrates with many other teaching and learning tools used at Dartmouth. New features, enhancements and bug fixes are applied to Canvas every three weeks.

General Service Request for the Planon application platform

Create a limited use account for Guest access to Canvas